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About Us

Belmere Catering

We at Belmere Catering provide an experience that is uniquely in-line with your taste. We specialize in dishes that create an unforgettable moment. The goal is to allow you to experience your event from the beginning to the end with no worries. Leave it up to expert chefs and highly trained staff. Your satisfaction is our number one concern, from dining etiquette to one of a kind menu. We work on establishing long lasting relationships as your event will have long lasting memories.



Deliver and Enjoy Catering: 
​If you have all of the details under control and require just the food, we create a unique menu for your event. There is no need to go to multiple caterers to obtain the food variety you want anymore. Let us deliver to you, and you enjoy your event.

Event Planning:
We help you develop your special event, from start to finish, setup to clean up. We assist you with every step of the process, helping you craft your menu selection, decor, equipment rentals, staffing, entertainment and food service. From hosting a buffet- style event, to a personal-server event, we cater creatively to fit your requirements.   

Your satisfaction is our number one concern, from dinning etiquette to one of a kind menus . We work on establishing long lasting relationships as your event will have long lasting memories.

Baby Showers
Retirement parties
Corporate events
Special Occasions

Package Includes: 
Menu selection | Setup - Cleanup | Staffing: on-site chefs, serving staff | Equipment rentals: dinnerware, silverware, tables, chairs, tenting, etc. | Decor: Floral arrangements, etc.

Food Service and Event Staffing:

​We can create a specialized menu for you and your guests. We have an extensive menu, ranging from the best Caribbean to American  inspired dishes. We take into consideration dietary requirements and preferences. Whether it is a low-sodium diet or all vegetarian, we can craft a menu that suits your needs for your special occasion.

Package Includes:
Menu creation | Serving staff, on-site chefs | Setup and Cleanup

Meet the Chef


Chef Rose is a woman of many talents. She is an exceptional Chef and Success Coach. She also serves as an Adult Education Instructor Entrepreneur and a loving Mother, with many years of experience in professional cooking and catering.  Although she graduated with a degree in Surgical Technology in 2010, her passion steered her in a different direction. Her love for cooking, teaching, and community remained at the forefront of her endeavors. 

Rose’s mission is to create a community full of love, compassion, and cultural awareness through her food.  She offers people an opportunity to enjoy exceptional food while exposing them to the beauty and strength of her Haitian culture.  Known as the Pearl of the Caribbean, Haiti is known for its beauty, spices, and love for people. 

Rose’s goal is to be true to her faith, her gifts and talents, the people she serves, and her culture. This sparked the birth of Belmere Catering, where she stands as CEO & Head Chef. The word Belmere means Mother-in-law in the Haitian Creole language. The tradition in the Haitian culture is that, as women, we inspire to cook as well as the elders of the family. This is so we can keep the husband at home for dinner, but most of all, it creates a deep sense of community. This tradition has brought flavorful food that is infused with love. Belmere strives to create an ambiance that guests will always cherish.

Chef Rose has been featured in NY Daily News, Manik Magazine, Zagat.com, Food Republic, Edible Manhattan, and on the panels with CHOPPED Champion Chefs.  She has also auctioned her services for the greater cause of Domestic Violence Women and nonprofit organizations serving Haiti. With her years of experience as chef and her personal connection to the cause, she was able to write Completion, How Cooking Saved My Life a cookbook that will be published soon. 

Recently, Belmere Catering was the first Haitian- American catering company to be featured at Smorgasburg Food Market. Chef Rose was also featured as one of the chefs at Food Vendor at 2017 New York City Wine and Food Festival. They have done some major catering for clients such as Columbia University School of Social Work, New York Fashion Week Plus (NYFW+), non-profits such as Community2Community and Sanctuary for Families H.E.R Heart Foundation Inc and Gateway for Families and many more. This Chef's many accolades shy in comparison to her plans for the future. Rose's vision is clear: To give people the opportunity to be part of something much greater than themselves.